The design of the scheme has been carefully considered and responds to both the site’s landscape setting and the character of the surrounding architecture.

A character study has been undertaken of the neighbouring area in order to inform the design of the future homes. The new development will also seamlessly blend with Hermitage Park. This will be reflected in the use of materials and design of the new homes.

Concept Plan

The design concept for the site has been shaped by picking out key landscape features and providing a positive addition to the attractive arrival route from Hermitage Lane along Chapelfield Way.

Framework Plan


As shown above, the main access to the site will be via Chapelfield Way, an existing access which currently serves the residential development to the south.

A new secondary access is proposed in the north-west corner of the site. This has been included alongside a green corridor and existing tree line which will provide direct access to the community facilities in Hermitage Park and act to minimise traffic congestion.

Both access points have been agreed in principle by Kent County Council.

The proposals also include investment in the junctions to the north and south of the site, as part of Kent County Council’s strategic junction improvement scheme. The proposals would therefore support wider efforts to improve the local transport network, benefiting both existing and future users. These junction improvements will result in an overall improvement to local traffic levels.


The new homes will comprise a mix of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, and 2-5 bedroom homes. These will not exceed 3 storeys in height.

40% of all units will be affordable which will range from 1-bed affordable apartments and 2-4 bedroom affordable homes.

A diverse housing mix will meet a range of housing needs in the district. Indicative percentages are provided below:

Size Private Affordable
1-bed apartment 38%
2-bed apartment 4% 22%
2-bed house 27% 12%
3-bed house 55% 25%
4-bed house 11% 3%
5-bed house 3%
Total: 100% 100%

Wheelchair compatible units will also be provided in line with council policy.


The proposals have been carefully designed to maximise the existing landscape as well as provide dedicated and high-quality open spaces for residents to enjoy.

The proposals will provide open space for children & young people’s play areas, green space for general amenity, and open space to encourage habitat creation. All open spaces will serve their purpose and be accessible to all residents.

These open spaces will be connected by green corridors and will provide a natural link with Hermitage Park. It is envisaged that the community at Hermitage Park and the future school that is scheduled to be built will be able to benefit from these open spaces.

The proposals include a central arrival space off Chapelfield Way which will provide an attractive entrance to the scheme and complement the character of Hermitage Park

The proposals will be accompanied by a carefully considered landscaping strategy that will seek to enhance and maximise the creation of new habitats through the wildlife corridor that dissects through the site.