The site is located on the eastern side of Hermitage Lane, which links the north-western edge of Maidstone with Aylesford to the north. The site is located in a highly sustainable location: Barming Railway Station is located immediately adjacent to the north boundary of the site, and there are a number of bus stops located along Hermitage Lane. The site is also within walking distance of a number of facilities both within Aylesford (to the north) and also within Maidstone (to the south) including a variety of schools, shops, GP surgeries and Maidstone Hospital.

The site, which has an area of approximately 13.94 Hectares and comprises mostly open, underutilised fields. The site is not located within the Green Belt in contrast to large swathes of the District. And it is not located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The proposals will complement Hermitage Park, located to the south of the site. Hermitage Park is a development of 500 dwellings which is currently being successfully built out by Croudace Homes within Maidstone Borough.

A new estate road off Hermitage Lane, called Chapelfield Way, serves Hermitage Park and it is envisaged that the main access of the new site will be located off this road.

There are also a number of facilities at Hermitage Park including land that has been safeguarded for a Primary school directly adjoining this site, and also a community centre, which also adjoins this site. Both are highly accessible and will further enhance the sustainability of the site.

Aerial Site Map


Croudace Homes is a well-established five star housebuilder founded in 1946 and to this day remains a family run business. They are committed to building well designed and high quality homes.

As noted above, Croudace Homes is currently in the process of building and selling 500 new homes at Hermitage Park, immediately adjacent to the application site. This development is proving to be a great success, with all of Phase 1 now having been sold (legal completed or close to completion). Phase 2 has also largely been sold.

The application site presents a fantastic opportunity to continue establishing the new community at Hermitage Park, utilising the same entrance off Hermitage Lane and delivering high quality new homes in proximity to existing services and facilities. Croudace is keen to ensure that the homes which are delivered reflect the local character area, with there being no visible differences between the market and affordable units, whilst providing high quality landscaped areas and opportunities for biodiversity enhancement.